Need to donate to a tax exempt org before the end of the year? I’ve got a great one for ya.

Root to Rise Inc will be expanding to serve more diverse populations in 2014, and because of this growth, will need more support from you. I have not taken a salary or any payment for teaching classes since the organization’s inception. My time, fuel costs, and other expenses have come out of pocket, and I don’t plan on this changing any time soon.

As far as immediate needs, the organization will hire an accountant before May of 2014. I also plan on getting Prison Yoga Project literature and DVDs into facilities that I cannot currently serve (maximum security institutions).

Any donation amount to Root to Rise is tax exempt, and you will be making an immediate difference and impact. For your convenience, we have a PayPal account under, or send your donation to us at PO Box 874, OKC, OK 73101.

Thanks so much for your continued support and selflessness,