Sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand…

Dang. It’s been a minute since an update. Sorry, guys. Things are going fantastic at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center. My class grows every week, and we have a steady 30-40 that regularly attend. I’ve not only watched them improve weekly, but the women consistently tell me how much better they’re feeling. I have one woman in a wheelchair who really needs a lower leg amputation. She’s incredibly fit – mind and body. I have a few women with MS that use a cane or a chair during balancing practices, and both have figured out they love backbends. I have a woman who wants to become a yoga instructor while she’s in the facility so she will be able to teach when she gets out in five years. I’m trying to figure how to help her achieve this goal. Most of my students are overweight, and pretty much all are on some sort of medication for health issues. This is the way of our current prison system. Efforts to change it have come slowly and been met with resistance. With more rehabilitation programs, we can start to alter this mentality towards the incarcerated. Your support of programs like mine does just that. Huge thank you to Jeff Click, Ore Adesina, Celeste Pagano, and Lynn Goldberg for your most recent donations.

I am incredibly pumped to go to Tulsa this weekend to visit and learn with the man who started this journey for me, James Fox, as he leads the Prison Yoga Project training at the Yoga Room. Last time I attended a training, it was in Los Angeles, so this should be a great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals in my home state. You still have time to sign up – click here.

If you don’t have an RtR shirt yet, you should get one. It’s just $35 mailed straight to you. Email to place your order today. Talk to you soon, friends.


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